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So as you all know if you watch the news people in the southern of Victoria people have had to start to wear masks where ever you go. If you leave the house you have to wear a mask and you don’t have to in your backyard though. Also all people have had to go back into remote learning for 6 weeks. Some people find it good and exciting to go back into remote learning but some not so much. For the people out there going back into remote learning think about this for a bit. Think about not seeing your friends for the holidays and for 6 weeks, think about putting up with your family for 6 weeks and for the holidays (terrible right). So I am just saying going into remote learning isn’t always good but if you want to still like remote learning go ahead no-one can stop you but think about it because that is my opinion I am putting out there.

Okay so above this caption is a photo of what my mask looks like. On my mask it has little details of letters and then just has a white band that goes around your ears and its a bit big for me but maybe not for others because unlike others my head it small. 🙂

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  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on masks and remote learning. It was an interesting read and I am so glad that you could put a photo on the post. It was really good to get a detailed description of your mask. It is really pretty.

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